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The ShopTrav Story

I remember, every time upon returning from a trip abroad, a friend or relative would request me to bring back things they saw on a sale over the internet. However, I didn’t comprehend the potential for its commercial application until my wedding anniversary was just around the corner and I wanted to gift my wife something special on the occasion.

As she’s fond of taking photographs, I wanted to buy her a camera. Luckily, a friend who also happened to be a technology buff was just headed home from London. I requested him to buy and bring along a camera I knew my wife would love.

We arranged to meet for dinner so that I could collect the camera and pay him back. The Nikon D3300 was a beauty and I knew my wife would cherish it. I offered my friend a small reward as compensation for his effort, but he refused. He told me he loved shopping for it so it was no trouble buying the camera and bringing it home.

It was as if a bulb lit up in our minds (me & my friend/co-founder’s) almost simultaneously! We discussed the possibilities of bringing together shoppers and travelers on the same platform and how this could be translated into a viable business model.

The fusion of our ideas bore fruit and thus, ShopTrav was born!

ShopTrav: Where Distance Shopping Meets Social Delivery

ShopTrav is a peer-to-peer social delivery platform catering exclusively to shoppers and travellers.

Want to buy something unique that’s not available in your country? Log on to ShopTrav and connect with a traveler who’s headed your way and can bring along your product in exchange for a small reward. Set a meeting, exchange the goodies, and bond over a cuppa’ coffee. It’s that simple!

As a shopper, you won’t have to lift a finger! All pesky details will be arranged online directly through the app. With a few quick taps, you get access to a global marketplace of travelers and select one who’s coming to your hometown. Connect with them, make the payment, finalize a date and time, and make the exchange.

As a traveler, you can earn money doing the two things you love: traveling and shopping. Being a local expert on the market, you can embark on a shopping spree, purchase the requested items from the cheapest place and deliver them personally to the shopper—all while earning heavy rewards via ShopTrav and making friends!

You not only get to shop for exclusive items not available in your country, but also make friends with people from all over the world and expand your horizon.

It’s a total win-win!