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2510, 2017

The Gadget of 2017, iPhone X Releases in DAYS!

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As November approaches, the excitement levels are rising—because Apple’s greatest release is just around the corner. This year, Apple will be celebrating the 10th Anniversary of its iPhone, and to commemorate the event, it has [...]

1910, 2017

Get Ready For Winters with These Super Amazing Storage Hacks

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With winter rolling in around the corner, you’re probably looking to bulk-buy essential items to survive the cold. Unfortunately, this may cause you some storage problems over the next few months. But fret not—here are [...]

210, 2017

Our List of the Most Unique Halloween Costumes & How to Get Them

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With Halloween just around the corner, everyone is getting ready for the round of costume parties. The perfect Halloween costume is either funny, scary or cool, and it can be a bit of a challenge [...]

1909, 2017

The Absolute Favorite Trends from the New York Fashion Week 2017

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New York Fashion Week has been in full swing lately, showcasing the year’s trendiest looks as well as the upcoming Spring 2018 looks. The show was very different from the one last year, focusing more [...]

1409, 2017

Forget the iPhone 10, It’s Time to Upgrade to iPhone 8!

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So, it’s finally September! That means the wait for the Apple iPhone 8 is almost over. The hype it generated was immense. So, what was the problem? The iPhone X is also out this year. [...]

709, 2017

Online Shopping At Its Best – Ordering Papyrus Paintings All The Way from Egypt

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I’ve wanted to go backpacking through Europe for years. The idea just seems amazing—traveling from country to country, exploring new cultures, sampling new foods, and enjoying the rain and clouds, which are such a rarity [...]

2008, 2017

My Search for Natural Ayurvedic Remedies from Sri Lanka!

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Over the last year, my grandmother has had high blood pressure, cholesterol issues, and then, the doctors diagnosed the start of Alzheimer’s. I have always been very close to the sweet old lady, who had [...]

408, 2017

Ordering Authentic Turkish Artwork All The Way from London

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Recently, I got a bit between my teeth and decided to re-enter education. I signed up for a series of online courses that delved into the history of the Muslim world. It’s been 20 years [...]