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Cancellation and Refund Policy

  1. Travellers can cancel an order at any time before the actual delivery of an Item(s) to the Shopper.
    • Cancellation will mean that the Traveller will forfeit all consideration for the agreed Order, which can have further negatively implications for the Traveller’s overall ratings, as awarded by the Shoppers.
    • A full refund will be made to the Shopper in case of a cancellation being made by the Traveller.
    • In the event the Traveller has confirmed delivery to ShopTrav Admin and there is no acknowledgement from the Shopper within 7 (seven) days, given there is no dispute between the Users, ShopTrav will transfer the reimbursement to the Traveller.
  2. Shoppers can also cancel any order at any time before the Traveller has made the actual delivery of the Item(s). However, due to the nature of the arrangement, refund for a cancellation request by the Shopper will depend on the time of cancellation and the acceptance and willingness of the Traveller.
  3. In a peer to peer marketplace cancellations are not encouraged, but once a Shopper wants to cancel, the Traveller can choose to accept the cancellation request with pre-set penalties or without them as the Traveller would have undergone effort and out of pocket expenses at their end tofulfill the Order.
    • The Traveller will have the option to Accept the Shopper’s Refund request, Reject it or make a Counter Offer.
    • Counter-Offer: The Traveller has the option make a counter offer to the Shopper for the amount the Traveller wishes to refund to the Shopper. This amount is based upon expenses the Traveller might have reasonably incurred in pursuit of fulfilling the order, or might have already bought the ordered items.
  4. Accept: If the Traveller accepts the Shoppers refund request, all necessary transaction details will be sent to ShopTrav for review and final approval.
    • Once ShopTrav has approved all matters, the transaction is approved.
    • The amount for refund will be transferred to the Shopper’s account within 7 (seven) working days.
    • Rejected Offer: All transaction which result in non-agreement or become disputed shall be immediately referred to and sent to ShopTrav for mediation.
      • The option of Counter Refund Offer by the Traveller for the Shopper and,
      • An option for both parties to resolve the matter themselves mutually, will always remain open during the process.
    • All Refunds are processed through the Original Mode of Payment.
      • ShopTrav may also refund any amount into User’s Virtual Balance within the User’s ShopTrav account.
    • After the Shopper has conveyed the PIN code to the Traveller and received the Item(s), ShopTrav is not liable for any dispute, damages, or refund for the product to the Shopper. In case of any unforeseen or out of control situation; both the Traveller and Shopper, however should cooperate and ideally work out a settlement without the involvement of ShopTrav. In addition, ShopTrav is not liable to refund the service fee. Nevertheless ShopTrav may get involved in finding an amicable solution to such situations and shall have the final say in dispute matters.
      • For further detail on the PIN Code, please refer to the Shopper and Traveller terms, located at the end of this Agreement.