Eid-Ul-Azha Celebrations around the World!

With Eid-ul-Azha right around the corner, Muslims all over the world are preparing for the festive occasion. It’s a time when you can hear the ‘Baa’s of sheep and the ‘moo’s of cows as you drive through the city, and probably even see a few!

Preparations for Eid usually start at least a week before the three-day holiday. Stalls stocked with colorful outfits and glitzy accessories are set up everywhere. The streets are packed with women laden with shopping bags as they purchase clothes, accessories and food for Eid. Businesses also buy into the hype, and stock their outlets with plenty of discounted stuff for sale.

You can spend hours in the festive marketplaces, though some prefer to do distance shopping through an online selling platform.

Eid-ul-Azha is a very vibrant and colorful affair. Here are some images that show the essence and spirit of this widely celebrated festival:


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Family time: A group of bright-eyed youngsters pose for a photo as they show off their colorful outfits.


Ma’amoul bil Tamer, a Lebanese shortbread pastry with a date filling, is a great way to sweeten up the joyous day. It also makes a perfect gift to give family and friends.


When visiting family on Eid, it is tradition to take a desert, and these cupcakes look divine!


Camels are a big part of the Eid-ul-Adha traditions. Wonder what this guy is thinking as it trots leisurely along the road?


It’s an Asian tradition for girls to decorate their hands with mehendi (body art created from the fragrant paste of henna leaves) during Eid. This beautiful floral design is sure to give you some great ideas!




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This little munchkin looks adorable in his colorful traditional attire as he poses with a cow!



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Every year, millions of Muslims offer congregational prayers at mosques around the world. Here, a group of Canadian Muslims offer their prayers in Toronto.


Sweets made from chocolate and almonds are displayed on trays. Don’t they look delectable?


It is an Eid custom to exchange gifts amongst loved ones. These red velvet favour jars seem like a very fun gift idea!


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