Forget the iPhone 10, It’s Time to Upgrade to iPhone 8!

So, it’s finally September! That means the wait for the Apple iPhone 8 is almost over. The hype it generated was immense. So, what was the problem? The iPhone X is also out this year. I sat in front of my laptop for a good while, completely stumped—which should I choose? In the end, I’ve decided to go with my lucky number 8, here’s why:

  • It’s out now!

Let’s face it, the wait for iPhone 8 was excruciating. Now, I just have a few weeks before it’ll be in my hand. Can you imagine waiting until November to buy iPhone 10?

So, if you have an older Apple phone, I’d suggest going ahead and getting the iPhone 8.

  • The expense

Okay, so spending a truckload of money is fine for a rich business owner. But for a student, or someone with a regular 9-5 job, the iPhone 10 cost may be a bit much. At over £1000, the Verge is calling it Apple’s most expensive phone yet, and that’s without the international courier charges if you are shopping from abroad.

Even if you can justify the swing the initial cost, you really need to keep the long term costs in mind. Apparently, the iPhone 10 AppleCare is a lot more expensive too! So, my advice? Don’t make a hasty decision and instead consider the cost factor carefully before doing some personal shopping!

  • The iPhone 10 is highly time-intensive

Okay, Apple’s futuristic phone will take some getting used to. The lack of home a screen button will make multitasking more awkward, something that is clear from the iPhone 10 demo videos.

And don’t even get me started on the Face ID. Sure, it’ll make hacking harder. But it also means staring into my phone when I want to unlock it, taking valuable minutes from my day. The Telegraph has called the Face ID feature creepy, stating that many people are uncomfortable with facial recognition. iPhone 8 has kept the touch ID and that works for me!

  • Is there really that much of a difference?

The main differences between the iPhone 8 and the slightly newer iPhone 10 seem to be quite small in the scheme of things.

They are both run by the iOS 11, which is what has brought the most updates to the Apple universe. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes says the new iPhones will be 30% faster than the iPhone 7, as they both have a 6 core, 64 bit A11 Bionic processor, and only need half the battery power! They also boost a whopping 3GB RAM which isn’t new for the iPhone but still opens users to a world of possibilities; where apps and gaming are concerned at least.

Both phones also have the wireless charging capabilities and support the ‘peer to peer’ money transfer option.  This, lucky for me, makes shopping on sites like eBay so much easier!

Sure, iPhone 10 has ‘animoji’, which uses AI to mimic your facial expressions to make emojis. Along with a few changes to the ‘look’ such a screen that literally takes over the front of the phone. But in the end does that really justify the cost?


These are four very good reasons to buy the iPhone 8 instead of waiting for iPhone 10. So now it’s buying time! The phone will officially be out on September 22, with preorders starting tomorrow at 12:01 AM Pacific time.

Here’s your chance to preorder this gorgeous phone via ShopTrav. All you need to do is upload your wish and get it delivered by a traveler coming your way. This way, you can be the first to get your hands on the new iPhone and also avoid buying through international shipping companies, which are sure to charge you a hefty amount!

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