Our List of the Most Unique Halloween Costumes & How to Get Them

With Halloween just around the corner, everyone is getting ready for the round of costume parties. The perfect Halloween costume is either funny, scary or cool, and it can be a bit of a challenge coming up with something that fits these criteria and is also unique.

To help you along, we’ve put together some of the most unique ideas for Halloween costumes. Not only do these costumes make you look cool and on trend, they also provide you with ample interpretations, which means you can look totally unique even if somebody else has a similar costume.

So without further ado, here is our list:

  1. Wonder Woman

Let’s face it, everyone has been crushing on Wonder Woman ever since the movie came out. She is loved by many as she’s strong, confident and sexy. You can spice up the costume with a Wonder Woman sword and shield. You can have fun browsing online to find the perfect costume and then order it on an app like ShopTrav by uploading it to your wishlist. It’s that simple!

  1. Rick and Morty Costume

Whether you dress up as Morty or as Rick, this is definitely a unique choice. Rick is the cool grandpa everyone wants to be around, and Morty, well, he has his own charm. The getup can include wigs, Rick’s monobrow, mask, laser gun, T-shirt and Lab coat. Earn extra money by delivering the costume to a ShopTrav shopper on your next travel.

  1. Jon Snow

Looks like the Game of Thrones fever will never subside. And who is the hottest and most popular GOT character? Why, Jon Snow, of course! And that’s why this guy has made it to our list of top costumes this year. You can even do a couple theme and dress up as Jon Snow and Daenerys, the power couple everyone loves! Want to avoid hefty international courier charges when ordering your costume? Think ShopTrav!

  1. Black Knight

In line with the GOT theme is a Black Knight costume. This is perfect if you and your friends decide to dress up a group with a Jon Snow and a Daenerys. Spice up your costume with an armor, shield, sword and a knight mask.

  1. T-Rex

Our love of dinosaurs will never fade away. These gigantic creatures are scary, cool and funny at the same time! If you want to look unique and avoid taking inspiration from pop culture, how about dressing up as the King of Dinosaurs? Who would ignore a ferocious T-Rex in the room! If you are getting your costume from abroad, the cheapest way to ship internationally is through ShopTrav.

  1. Death Eater

The Harry Potter mania is still as strong as ever! So this year, instead of dressing up as the world’s favourite scar-headed wizard, go for a bit of a darker theme. Choose a Death Eater costume! A long, black cape paired with that creepy, snakelike mask is sure to add a villainous touch to your costume. Order it via ShopTrav and avoid paying heavy international shipping costs.

  1. Minion Costume

The good thing about a Minion costume is that unisex and can work for both genders and people of all ages. Not to mention, it looks absolutely cute and funny!


While you can get all this stuff for sale from sites like eBay, that can get pretty expensive. And there’s always a chance the shipping might get delayed and you may not receive your costume on time. So the best way to grab your Halloween costume is to sign up for a bit of online shopping via ShopTrav.

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