Dirt Cheap Duty-Free Products You MUST Buy!!!

We all like to have nice things, don’t we? But what’s one major problem we face when shopping for things we love? Why, the nasty little bill at the end, of course!

So what if I were to tell you that you can buy products at the cheapest prices with the click of a button? If that doesn’t have your heart racing yet, you should know this too—you can buy inexpensive products you’ve probably stumbled upon on online sites like eBay, 100% duty-free!

Here’s more info about some of the finer products you can acquire at unimaginably low rates:

Tobacco Products

Tobacco products often fall prey to heavy taxation. By shopping duty-free, you can ship and shop top quality cigars and other tobacco items at considerably low prices.  You can order the best quality tobacco cigars from, say, Cuba, and have them delivered to you by a traveler headed your way! This will leave you with some spare cash to do even more personal shopping and treat yourself.


High quality perfumes are one of life’s finest luxuries—and like most luxuries, they can be quite expensive. Now you can buy top-brand perfumes duty free with cost reductions as much as 40% by avoiding the standard online stores that are out to rip you.

Make-Up and Skincare Products

It’s tragic that there’s a price to being pretty, right? Well, fortunately, you can find slashed prices in the form of duty-free products! I myself buy most of my essential beauty products duty-free, and I’ve saved a considerable amount of money over the years as a result. If you go through lipstick as quickly as I do, then it’s certainly worth looking into getting your essentials duty-free.

If you’re having skin problems—acne is a nightmare, and those pimples that pop the night before an important event, oh, the horror—then you’ll be pleased to know that you can save money buying skin products and other similar stuff for sale totally duty-free! Like makeup, skincare products are often cheaper when they’re free from unpleasant taxation.

Local specialties

The plain and simple truth is that some countries are simply far better at producing certain products than the rest of the world. Arabs have the best coffee, Mexicans export the most flavorful spices, Persians weave beautiful carpets—and we love what they all have to offer. However, sometimes, the cost of these items can be a big problem because they bear excessive international shipping costs which can cause your shopping bill to shoot sky-high.

Buying the products duty-free will, of course, save you from the tax costs—but what about the large shipping prices? Well, you can use ShopTrav—a brilliant app-based service aimed at combating this very problem. With ShopTrav, you can save yourself lots of money, which you can then use to travel or to shop some more. With ShopTrav, a traveler headed your way brings you your stuff, and it’s quite literally the cheapest way to ‘ship’ internationally!


As you can see, using ShopTrav to purchase duty-free products serves a dual role of hassle-free shopping and saving lots of money. It’s your gateway to buying the finest items from anywhere in the world at affordable prices!

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