Get Ready For Winters with These Super Amazing Storage Hacks

With winter rolling in around the corner, you’re probably looking to bulk-buy essential items to survive the cold. Unfortunately, this may cause you some storage problems over the next few months. But fret not—here are some of the most innovative storage hacks to get you through the cold season:

Get yourself a boot rack

Winters means thick boots and wellingtons—and these can be a pain to store. By investing in a good boot rack, you can significantly reduce the clutter in your home. Furthermore, by placing the boot rack near the front door, your floor will stay protected from the dirt and grime brought in by muddy boots.

You can do a bit of distance shopping and buy some really practical boot racks via ShopTrav. The best thing about this app is that you won’t need to pay any international shipping costs, as your order will be delivered by a traveler coming your way.

Buy a coat rack

Another really smart investment is a coat rack, as this contributes greatly towards decluttering your home. A coat rack can be particularly useful in homes with limited cupboard space. It will create a lot of extra space to store your scarves, hats, coats and jackets during the chilly months.

You can save money by buying a coat rack through a shopping app like ShopTrav. All you need to do is upload a wish and wait for a friendly traveler to come your way bearing your stuff. It’s a great way to do some shopping from abroad before the cold season hits.

Storing scarves in a plastic shoe-bag

Scarves are a necessity during the winter season. They not only keep your head and neck protected against the icy cold, but also make a fantastic accessory to complement your winter outfits. They can be a bit of a bother to store, however, especially for people with large scarf collections.

Not to worry, because we have a great hack for storing scarves: a plastic shoe-bag! A few scarves can easily be folded and placed in a single shoe-bag, and—since the bags take up little space of their own—you can stuff several bags and store them in your closet without cramping it!

Use food cans for the small stuff

This may come as a surprise, but food cans of around 28 ounces or more make great storage boxes! They are perfect for storing small hats, gloves and jewellery (and even scarves if plastic shoe-bags aren’t to your liking!) You can attach these cans onto your walls to conserve further space. Storing your smaller winter accessories in these containers will reduce clutter and also give you easy access to your go-to accessories. No more searching in vain for your favorite pair of gloves through a pile of laundry every morning!


These storage hacks will help you stay organized during the cold season. They will help you save up space and keep your stuff neat and tidy. You can find a lot of amazing winter stuff for sale online and order it via a friendly traveler headed to your city. All you pay for is the cost of the item and a pre-agreed traveler’s fee. It’s quite simply the cheapest way to ship internationally.

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