The Gadget of 2017, iPhone X Releases in DAYS!

As November approaches, the excitement levels are rising—because Apple’s greatest release is just around the corner. This year, Apple will be celebrating the 10th Anniversary of its iPhone, and to commemorate the event, it has the biggest iPhone release of the year lined up! Yes, the phone is called iPhone X (pronounced “iPhone 10”). Not only is this supposed to be the best iPhone ever, it is also claimed to be a breakthrough in the iPhone design. According to the Apple’s official release, this is going to be “the best iPhone ever!”

What You Need to Know About iPhone X

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, has proudly declared iPhone X as “the biggest leap forward since the original iPhone”. And it is evident why this is so! iPhone X comes loaded with some great new features. For instance, the phone has a full-screen panel, which means its front panel comprises entirely of its screen!

Apple promises some great new materials for its new phone. For instance, the front panel is made from stainless steel of an extremely high quality; in fact, it is surgical-grade steel! The rear panel is covered with glass and is designed to be water- and dust-resistant.

According to the marketing predictions, the iPhone will be released on 3rd November, while pre-orders will open on 27th October. The not-so-great news is there is a prediction of an unmet demand and supply! The new design and materials mean a lot of testing is required on the manufacturer’s part, which is making it hard for Apple to meet the preset launch date.  This means if you want the iPhone X right on time, you need to act fast!

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Fans are ignoring iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus to get their hands on THIS gadget!

The iPhone X is getting a lot of attention, so much so that people are forgoing the recently released iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, even though these models cost about $1000 less! This is a huge difference; however, given the extraordinary features and design of iPhone X, it’s not a surprise. The price of the other iPhone models is also expected to fall in light of this new release. So if you had been thinking of getting an iPhone 8, now would be the best time.

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Dates to Remember

Mark your calendars for 27th October—that’s the day the pre-orders will begin. And the BIG DAY is November the 3rd! ShopTrav is here to fulfill your wish and give you access to the iPhone before all your peers. So act fast and start shopping!

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