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Forget the iPhone 10, It’s Time to Upgrade to iPhone 8!

So, it’s finally September! That means the wait for the Apple iPhone 8 is almost over. The hype it generated was immense. So, what was the problem? The iPhone X is also out this year. I sat in front of my laptop for a good while, completely stumped—which should I choose? In the end, I’ve [...]

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Online Shopping At Its Best – Ordering Papyrus Paintings All The Way from Egypt

I’ve wanted to go backpacking through Europe for years. The idea just seems amazing—traveling from country to country, exploring new cultures, sampling new foods, and enjoying the rain and clouds, which are such a rarity here in hot, humid Egypt. Unfortunately, cost has always been an issue. Since my mechanic job doesn’t pay much, I [...]

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Eid-Ul-Azha Celebrations around the World!

With Eid-ul-Azha right around the corner, Muslims all over the world are preparing for the festive occasion. It's a time when you can hear the 'Baa's of sheep and the 'moo's of cows as you drive through the city, and probably even see a few! Preparations for Eid usually start at least a week before [...]

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My Search for Natural Ayurvedic Remedies from Sri Lanka!

Over the last year, my grandmother has had high blood pressure, cholesterol issues, and then, the doctors diagnosed the start of Alzheimer’s. I have always been very close to the sweet old lady, who had a big hand in raising me after my parents divorced. Because of our close bond, I took primary responsibility for [...]

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Ordering Authentic Turkish Artwork All The Way from London

Recently, I got a bit between my teeth and decided to re-enter education. I signed up for a series of online courses that delved into the history of the Muslim world. It’s been 20 years since I left my studies behind me, but lately, with my children’s exams finishing up, I’ve found that I have [...]

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Ordering the ‘IT’ Tory Burch Bag on Sale from Dubai!

Hey guys, my name is Amara and I am a beta tester for ShopTrav. Let me start at the beginning though… Shopping is one of my favorite pastimes. I love going into malls, looking around at all the cool stuff for sale, and picking out the latest clothes, shoes, bags, cosmetics and jewelry for my [...]

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Want To Earn Extra Money While Travelling? With ShopTrav, You Can!

I discovered ShopTrav on one of my frequent trips abroad. As a spice merchant based in San Francisco, my job often requires me to travel overseas in search of new spices, particularly in Asia and Africa. I love exploring the colorful street markets and bazaars in different countries, the rich smell of spice blends, and [...]

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Ordering the Perfect Furisode for My Seijin No Hi Celebration

As a traveler for ShopTrav, I would like to tell you how I came to join this amazing app. I was a member of a very conservative family based in the village of Higashinaruse, district Akita. Life was strict and ordered, and I grew up practicing rituals and traditions passed on by our forefathers. When [...]

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Importing Indigenous Spices From Around the World

I would like to start by thanking the ShopTrav team for creating an excellent app. The international shopping platform came to my attention after a colleague used its overseas courier services to buy his wife some authentic Cambodian jewellery. I am an amateur chef, working shifts at a café while I save money to open [...]

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Getting My Very Own Silver Decoration Pieces from Cambodia

Looking around for a good shopping platform I have always loved collecting rare treasures from around the world and displaying them all over my home. I spend every opportunity I get to scour the antique shops in my locality, constantly looking for new and authentic pieces that represent some of the fascinating cultures of the [...]

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