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ShopTrav Launches Into The World Of E-Commerce With A Unique Peer-To-Peer Social Delivery Model!

Get travellers visiting your hometown bring you the stuff you can’t find locally

ShopTrav, a peer-to-peer social delivery platform has announced the launch of its ecommerce website. ShopTrav approaches its customers with a unique shared economy model that connects two kinds of people, the shopper and the traveler, through an online platform that enables them to shop and earn. Their new website is replete with user-friendly features, attractive graphics and a great layout that makes it easy for users to find what they want.

Previously, online shopping has been limited to certain local areas of delivery. This meant shoppers could often not get their coveted merchandise if they lived outside of the delivery zone. ShopTrav provides an easy solution –all you have to do is connect with a traveller visiting your hometown, and ask him/her to shop and bring your stuff!

Not only does this do away with the costly international deliveries, it also helps travellers make some money on their end and fund their excursions. The website sports a two-way search that allows travellers to find prospective shoppers, and shoppers to look for homecoming travellers. The beta website sports some  attractive features, for example the wishlists which help travellers find inspiration for their upcoming trip’s shopping list, and premium escrow services.

ShopTrav’s website will be updated regularly with new features. For those looking to try out this service, ShopTrav is sending out beta invitations. Get yourself registered here NOW!