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Traveller Terms

  1. User are required to sign up to the ShopTrav services as a “Traveller”.
  2. ShopTrav, with their sole discretion, permit Travellers to post and upload their trips/journey/routes and publish, submit or transmit Offers to other Users on the ShopTrav Platform, Website or Application.
  3. The Traveller accepts the responsibility for the payment of any Duties, VAT, Customs or other similar charges related to the import of the Item(s), if required, at the port of exit and entry, and for obtaining relevant receipts and associated paperwork, regardless of the agreement in the “Offer” in which either party is ultimately responsible for such charges.
  4. You acknowledge and agree that you are solely responsible for all Content, including Offers that you make, through the Website and/or Application.
  5. You represent and warrant that;
    • You either are the sole and exclusive owner of all Content that you make available through the Website, Application and Services or,
    • You have all rights, licenses, consents and releases that are necessary to grant to ShopTrav the rights in such Content, as contemplated under these Terms; and
    • Neither the Content nor your posting, uploading, publication, submission or transmittal of the Content or ShopTrav’s use of the Content (or any portion thereof) on, through or by means of the Website, Application and the Services will infringe, misappropriate or violate a third party’s patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret, moral rights or other proprietary or intellectual property rights, or rights of publicity or privacy, or result in the violation of any applicable law or regulation.
    • You understand the Item(s) size charts.
  6. By clicking or creating an “Offer”, includes sending an offer, the Traveller agrees to perform service of personal shopping and delivery or shipment in exchange for the agreed consideration.
    • The consideration will be the one that is agreed between both Shopper and Traveller prior to the acceptance of the respective “Offer”.
    • Upon accepting the “Offer” the Shopper will be charged the total amount as set within the Offer, the actual price of the item (including taxes and other charges), Traveller’s Fee and ShopTrav’s commission (that includes the payment processor’s commission).
      • The Travellers receive the amount equal to the Actual price of the Item(s) and the agreed Traveller’s Fee in Dollars (USD), transferred via ShopTrav’s Payout Processor, into the Traveller’s balance under the Traveller’s specified currency.
    • It is the Traveller’s responsibility to research and know about the custom and regulations tariff of destination countries before sending a service offer to avoid any surprises, Traveller should also keep proper paper records of all transactions, and associated expenses, conducted in association with bringing the Item(s) ordered to the destination of the Shopper. This includes, but is not limited to, receipts of purchase of the Item(s), any taxes, charges or customs and duties paid, etc.
    • As a Traveller, it is your duty to provided honest and reliable information for the Shoppers to rely on.
      • Submitting any Offer with a false or misleading price, information, or submitting an Offer with a price that you do not intend to honour shall be considered a serious breach of these Terms.
    • ShopTrav reserves the right to cancel any transaction or ban or freeze any User(s) that is found to be in contradiction to any of the aforementioned terms.
      • The responsibility still lies with the Traveller, and customary diligence is expected from the Traveller before sending any “Offer” and concluding the Order for any Item(s).
    • PIN Code: The Traveller is required to hand over or provide all of the ordered Item(s) contained within the service provided to the Shopper, at the agreed time and location, along with a copy of all relevant receipts in hard or soft copy format, and, in exchange, receiving an accurate PIN Code from the Shopper.
    • Once the Shopper has conveyed the PIN code for the Order to the Traveller, it is the responsibility of the Traveller to immediately insert the PIN code into the Order Screen of the ShopTrav Service Platform and receive a PIN Match confirmation ensuring the process of release of payment for the transaction.
      • It is best practice for this to be conducted at the time of receiving the PIN, in front of the Shopper.
    • The handing over of the PIN code by the Shopper to the Traveller indicates:
      • The Shopper has received the Item(s) in good condition and has absolved the Traveller of any future liability.
      • The Shopper has also received copies of all necessary records from the Traveller, such as original purchase receipts or any other documents mutually agreed upon between the two parties at the time of the formation of the agreement between the two.
      • Transfer of possession rights and responsibilities and future ownership of the Item(s), and that any associated risks or rewards in future from the possession of the Order Items(s) have been transferred to the Shopper.
      • With the submission and confirmation of the PIN Code on the ShopTrav Services Platform, the payment release procedure to the Traveller will begin.
    • ShopTrav shall ensure payment of the amount due to the Traveller for the transaction by means of a deposit in favour of the Traveller’s virtual balance and shall release to designated account using its Payout Service Provider once withdrawal is requested. Once ShopTrav receives confirmation from the Shopper and the Traveller that the item has been received and is delivered in good condition by way of PIN submission and a successful PIN Match against the appropriate order by the Traveller.
    • ShopTrav strenuously encourages the Traveller to have access to an Internet connection while delivering the Order to the Shopper in order to insert the PIN code and receive the PIN Match confirmation in the Shopper’s presence.
    • The Traveller shall submit their Identification documents to receive payouts as part of compliance requirements.
  7. ShopTrav Travellers are currently allowed within the following regions;
    • Europe
    • United States of America
    • Canada
    • United Arab Emirates
  8. By making available any Content or Offer on or through the Website, Application and Services, you hereby grant to ShopTrav a worldwide, irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive, transferable, royalty-free license, with the right to sublicense, to use, view, copy, adapt, modify, distribute, license, sell, transfer, publicly display, publicly perform, transmit, stream, broadcast, access, view, and otherwise exploit such User Content on, though, or by means of the Website, Application, Products and Services.

Ownership and Risk of Loss

  1. The Traveller will retain the ownership of Item(s) until the time the Item(s) has been delivered to the Shopper. This is evidenced by the fact that the purchase receipt obtained by the Traveller when buying the Item(s) is handed over to the Shopper upon delivery.
  2. The Traveller will retain ownership of the item until the moment the Item(s) has been delivered to the Shopper. This is evidenced by the fact that the purchase receipt obtained by the Traveller in his or her name while making the purchase to be delivered to the Shopper. All necessary care in safeguarding the Item(s) is expected from the Traveller until the Item(s) has been delivered to the Shopper.
  3. The Traveller is responsible for immediately informing the Shopper if any ordered Item(s) are unavailable, through the ShopTrav messaging system.
  4. The Traveller will bear risks including risk of loss to the Order Item(s) until the Item(s) has been delivered without damage and in proper condition to the Shopper and the service has concluded.
    • The Traveller bears any risk of loss to the item during transit unless a loss is not a consequence of the Traveller’s negligence,
      • In these circumstances, ShopTrav can only mediate with the help of its insurers.
    • In the event of a damaged product on delivery, the Shopper is allowed to withhold providing the PIN code and to demand a reimbursement
    • In the case of a Force Majeure, the risk of any loss of Item(s), that is not due to Traveller’s negligence will be borne by the Shopper.

Restrictions and Charges

  1. It is the Shopper’s and the Traveller’s joint responsibility to be aware of any import duties that could be associated with the Order before the Order is confirmed.
  2. As a consequence of the transaction, if the Traveller is charged for any customs or duties, he or she is required to pay them on the spot and to collect an original receipt.
  3. Payments for any Customs, Duties, VAT, or other similar charges are to be paid by the Traveller at the point of entry into any destination, if applicable.
    • It is up to the Shoppers and the Travellers to agree how these charges will be reimbursed to the Traveller. This can be done in one of the two following ways;
      • If both the Shopper and the Traveller have agreed that these charges will be part of the ‘Traveller’s Fee paid by the Shopper, no further action is required.
      • If both the Shopper and the Traveller agree that the Shopper will reimburse the Traveller if any charges are actually incurred by the Traveller, the Shopper may do that in cash upon receiving the receipt of original charges from the Traveller at the time of delivery.
      • In either case, the agreement should be clearly mentioned in the chat session between the two Users on ShopTrav’s chat platform for record as to avoid any future disputes.
        • In the event of such a Dispute, the Shopper and the Traveller are advised to leave a comment on the chat session for the purposes of creating records of the transaction.
        • If no comments are left by the Shopper or the Traveller, thereby clearly stating their agreement, ShopTrav will not be liable for any losses or disputes that either of the two Parties may face.
      • The Shopper and the Traveller are expected to discuss the terms of any VAT that could be refunded to the Traveller and incorporate it into the agreement of the terms of their order.
      • ShopTrav recommends that Shoppers do not settle cash transactions with Travellers and have the Traveller take the onus of paying the duties and charges during the “Offer” and, thus, include this in the “Traveller’s Fee” and settle them as part of the total consideration paid by the Shopper on ShopTrav’s Service Platforms.


  1. Either party may terminate this agreement with immediate effect if there is a material breach of any of the regulations set out by ShopTrav.
  2. ShopTrav has the responsibility to decide whether circumstances amount to a Breach.
  3. In the event of a Breach, ShopTrav reserve the right to indefinitely;
    • Ban any User Account,
    • Suspend any User Account.